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Welcome to AEIM CHEM

We are the distributers of a broad range of specialty chemicals for water treatment, crops-protection, pulp & paper processing, mineral extraction, environmental protection, etc. Our unmatched services are backed-up by our strong technical background in water care, environmental protection laws & process engineering.

What We Offer

AEIM CHEM offers a broad range of products and services


AEIM Argochem is committed to assisting farming community with innovative & cost-effective solutions. We are driven by passion to provide best solutions


Water quality assessment is an essential part of making sure lakes, rivers, oceans, and other bodies of water are safe and clean. We provide compressive water quality monitoring services to ensure environmental compliance for our clients, while protecting the environment. We advocate for new innovate solutions to protect the environment, while growing sustainable, & inclusive business environment.

Industrial Chem

We supply of a wide range of speciality chemicals used in multiple industrial applications. This includes a wide range of Waste Water treatment Chemicals, Drinking Water chemicals, Boiler & Cooling Tower chemicals, Descalants, Antiscalants, Biocides, Corrosion Inhibitors etc.

Mining Chemicals

We supply a wide range of chemicals used in extraction and beneficiation minerals & also for dust control applications.

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